Vetoquinol has launched Felpreva (POM-V), the only spot-on parasiticide for cats which provides three months’ protection against fleas and ticks plus treatment against roundworms, tapeworms and ear mites in a single dose.

Felpreva contains emodepside and praziquantel, with tigolaner, a novel bispyrazole active ingredient. 

Felpreva is licensed for treatment of cats with, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infestations/infections.

Vetoquinol points to a survey revealed conducted last year in which 43% of cat owners said that giving parasite protection to their cat makes them feel guilty, stressed, or worried1

Felpreva provides an option to reduce the frequency of treatments, lessening stressful interactions between owners and their cats.

Vetoquinol says that with Felpreva’s convenience and longer-lasting flea and tick protection, it aims to help support compliance and thus improve the wellbeing of feline companions.

Helen Hunter, Senior Product Manager at Vetoquinol UK, said: “The launch of Felpreva is a truly proud moment for Vetoquinol, demonstrating our expertise, passion, and commitment to innovation in this essential category of companion animal medicine.

"It will allow us to safeguard the health of cats by bringing longer-lasting protection, convenience, and ease of use – for both pet owners and veterinary professionals.

"At a time when vets are treating more pets than ever before, the need for a breakthrough endectocide solution like Felpreva has never been greater.”

Felpreva is in wholesalers now.

For more information, contact your local Vetoquinol representative.


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