Animalcare has announced the launch of Thiamacare for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.

Thiamacare contains 10 mg/ml thiamazole, which is double the concentration of Thyronorm, for a lower dose volume.

Animalcare highlights research which shows that 87.4% of owners prefer liquid medications for their cat1, and that cats find liquid presentations more palatable2.

James Beaumont from Animalcare said: "With the lowest dose volume available, we believe Thiamacare will make the medical management of this condition easier through improved cat acceptance and better owner compliance."

Thiamacare's dosing syringe is marked with a single scale in 1.25 mg increments to facilitate precise dosing in response to total T4 measurement values. The scale does not need converting when switching from other brands or formulations.

Animalcare has developed a range of supporting materials to encourage the use of Thiamacare as the preferred choice for feline hyperthyroid medical management. They include social posts and a post-prescription leaflet to help veterinary teams support owners, particularly through the stabilisation phase post-diagnosis.

A short webinar offering top tips for treating feline hyperthyroidism from feline Specialist Dr Caney will also be available later in October.  These resources will all be available at


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