Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has launched ‘Relax, it’s a Puppy Thing’, a new initiative designed to bond new puppy owners to their veterinary practice and encourage them to develop good preventative healthcare habits.

The company says that by encouraging socialisation, natural behaviour and good health practices, the campaign will help puppy owners get their journey off to a good start and, with their vet, raise a dog that is healthy and family friendly.

The initiative comprises a range of practice materials, including health advice, training and behaviour tips, and a new owner video covering the essentials of puppy ownership.

The materials include digital content to use in email campaigns and on practice websites and social media channels.

Further support on how to optimise social media channels is also available to practices through PetNatter – Boehringer's free veterinary resource designed to help practices make the most of the opportunities social media provides.

Evelyn Murphy, senior brand manager for NexGard Spectra, said: “The ‘Relax, it’s a Puppy Thing’ initiative is a breath of fresh air and will provide puppy owners with just what they need to help them nurture a puppy through its formative life-stage, while easily and effectively supporting practices in communicating with owners on puppy health and welfare.”

For further information, contact your Boehringer Ingelheim territory manager. 

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