Trainetics, a human factors and leadership training and consultancy company, is launching a human factors course for veterinary professionals in January 2023, as part of which, delegates take control of a commercial jet in a flight simulator at Heathrow. 

Human Factors is the application of human psychological and physiological principles and limitations to the design of processes and systems to reduce human error, increase productivity and enhance safety.

Trainetics has operated in various sectors such as aviation, ergonomics and human healthcare for many years.

As part of its move into the veterinary sector, it is working with a team of team of well-known figures in the profession: Bradley Viner, Holger Volk, Vicky Lipscombe, Tom Cardy and Andy Fiske-Jackson.

Tom said: “The potential impact of human factors on the veterinary industry is huge. What we are able to offer delegates is a unique experience to improve their situational awareness and decision-making.

“It is something which I believe delegates will find incredibly insightful as part of their career progression and it can improve how we treat our patients every day.

“Within the veterinary profession, human factors is still relatively new, however, its true scope within the industry lies in understanding and applying systems-thinking methodology to our complex, adaptive profession.”

Holger said: “When I first had the chance to become consciously incompetent in a flight simulator at BA with Trainetics, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about my own limitations and how to better overcome them.

“Part of the immersive experience is learning about human factors, situational awareness, decision-making, workload management, system performance and health and wellbeing.

“We can learn so much from the aviation industry and vice-versa, and these unique courses can provide real opportunities to better ourselves as a profession and as individuals.

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