Alasdair Hotston Moore FRCVS has become the Clinical Editor for and its YouTube channel, Brains & Drains.

Alasdair qualified from Cambridge in 1990. After graduation, he joined Bristol Vet School, first as an intern and then as a resident. He then became a Lecturer and Senior Clinical Fellow in small animal surgery at Langford from 1997 to 2009. He was also the Programme Director of the veterinary nursing degree and led years 3-5 of the BVSc programme.

He then moved to private practice, becoming Head of Referral Surgery at Bath Vet Referrals, and then Group Veterinary Advisor and member of the Clinical Advisory Board when it was acquired by IVC, after which he moved to Vale Referrals.

He received his Fellowship for Contributions to Clinical Practice in 2017 and is an Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery.

Alasdair will mainly be helping to develop Brains & Drains, a new library of peer-reviewed clinical demonstrations published on YouTube for the benefit of practitioners around the world. He’ll also be helping to steer the development of other content on and

Publishing Editor Arlo Guthrie said: “Alasdair and I first collaborated nine years ago to make a film called: Total Ear Canal Ablation and Lateral Bulla Osteotomy. Who’d have that would be such a box office hit, with over 90,000 views on Facebook!

“Now we’re stepping up production, both by filming our own content and inviting all vets and nurses to film demonstrations themselves and submit them for peer review.”

Arlo added: “In recent years, there's been an explosion in the number of social media groups for the veterinary profession, primarily on Facebook and Instagram, which has led to a real fragmentation. It’s as yet unclear whether that'll always be the case. Certainly young people are already migrating elsewhere, both because it’s not very hip to be on the same platform as your parents, and also a growing awareness of some of the harms of Facebook on mental health."

“Either way, with so much fragmentation, it is clear we need to offer more by way of quality content on than we have in the past, and I’m really excited to be working alongside Alasdair to do just that, so that whatever the ups and downs of other social media, VetSurgeon and VetNurse remain reliable, transparent places for good quality information sharing.”

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