Dechra Veterinary Products (maker of Cardisure) has launched a new online CPD course which consists of a series of short presentations about treating congestive heart failure in dogs, developed with cardiology consultant Mike Martin.

According to the company, approximately 10% of dogs presented to first opinion practices have heart disease. The majority of cases are suffering with myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) or, less commonly, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Mike said: "This is a series of short presentations with audio, that covers the common challenges, issues and questions that we all encounter in clinical practice. Aimed squarely at the very busy practitioner, this 'piece by piece' course will help you differentiate between cardiac and respiratory cases, update you on the current  ACVIM guidelines on the treatment of heart failure in dogs and how best to monitor your patient in the short to long term. It's been a fun series to put together with the help of Dechra – enjoy."

Craig Sankey, Business Manager for Cardiology at Dechra said: "This series of bite-sized videos highlight the importance of diagnosing, treating and monitoring congestive heart failure in dogs in an interactive e-learning environment, topped with quizzes and drag and drops to test ones knowledge.

"Furthermore, the beauty of this format means Veterinary Professionals can dip in and out of each section depending on the area they need to build their expertise, without the pressure of completing the whole course all at once’.

The course equates to one hour CPD and can be found on the Dechra Academy:

More information about Cardisure can be found at

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