Alsico, one of the largest producers of workwear in Europe, has launched Zesti, a new brand of stretch fabric scrubs.

Zesti comprises three ranges: 

The Spirit range is a more standard looking scrub, manufactured from Alsi-Flex. The ‘Mode’ range looks a little more figure hugging, with an exclusive colour palette, and the Power range has a more sporting look.

Greg Houlston, General Manager, said: “Our healthcare workers need clothing that is practical and comfortable above anything else, yet our market research showed us that when it comes to scrubs with stretch, choice is limited in the UK compared with other markets such as the US.

“Veterinarians in particular need workwear that is especially hard wearing as the nature of their work means their clothing can be especially susceptible to rips, tears and soiling.

“We set out to create a brand that answered the need for more flexibility while challenging the perception that workwear should be dull and boring, and Zesti was born – a vibrant and contemporary range of garments, sustainably designed, to inspire confidence and positivity.”

 Sara Catanzaro, Design Manager, added: “Our tailored garments offer exceptional attention to detail while being strong, hard wearing and resilient. 

"They can be laundered domestically or industrially up to 60 degrees which is ideal for infection control.

"We’re already witnessing considerable demand as we believe we’ve hit the perfect balance between function and fashion.”

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