Ceva Animal Health has published a booklet for vets to give pet owners, offering advice about desensitising cats and dogs to fireworks and loud noises.

Long-term help for pet firework fears has been written by clinical pet behaviourist, Charlotte Carr MSc BSc (Hons), technical behaviour manager at Ceva Animal Health. 

The booklet covers the impact of loud noises on pets, the signs to look out for, the importance of planning ahead, tips on finding the right recordings for desensitisation, preparing a room for therapy and appropriate rewards and reactions. 

It also includes a plan on how to implement desensitisation by associating noises with a pleasant experience, such as high value treats or a game.

The booklet encourages the use of an Adaptil Calm Diffuser or Feliway Optimum Diffuser to support therapy and positive association.

To order copies of the ‘Long-term help for pet firework fears’ booklet, contact your  local Ceva Animal Health territory manager or email cevauk@ceva.com.

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