Linnaeus has set up a funding scheme to cover the costs for its specialists, residents and interns to publish research open access in scientific journals.

The Open Access Publication Charge (OAPC) initiative was introduced in 2021 to cover the fees for the company's employees to publish in prominent peer-reviewed veterinary journals, which can cost up to £3,000 per paper.

Funding was approved for 29 employees to have their work published in eight journals last year, covering topics such as canine mast cell tumours, imaging of canine intracranial intra-axial haemorrhages, electrochemotherapy as a treatment option for feline nasal melanoma and antimicrobial use in female canine urinary tract infections.

The OAPC scheme has now been extended with a fund of at least £30,000 available this year.

The initiative was introduced by Professor Luisa De Risio, Clinical Research & Excellence Director at Linnaeus and a specialist in veterinary neurology (pictured right).

She said: “By publishing in open access journals, we are ensuring that research at Linnaeus is freely available across the veterinary profession and the scientific community.

“Being able to publish high-quality research in prestigious scientific journals supports the career development and job satisfaction of our Associates and fulfils the requirements of those training to become specialists.”

Dr Fabio Stabile, a neurology specialist at Southfields Veterinary Specialists, has been researching how dogs with reactive seizures can be treated with levetiracetam.

He said: “By publishing through open-access journals, I hope to support as many peers as possible with treating canine reactive seizures, which can be extremely stressful for our patients and their owners. It is always great collaborating with Luisa in developing my research, which was as valuable as the OAPC funding itself.”

In addition to the funding scheme, Linnaeus has also appointed Hannah Sargent as Clinical Research Associate to help researchers in areas such as study design, ethical review and statistical analysis.

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