Congratulations to Kent-based Pennard Vets, an employee-owned, seven-practice group which has become the first veterinary practice in Europe to become B Corp certified.

Certified B Corps are companies that meet exceptionally high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The process examines a company’s full range of processes, from supply chain to charitable giving and employee benefits.

Other well-known names that have achieved B Corp status include Patagonia, The Body Shop, BrewDog, TOMS, Ben and Jerry’s and Innocent Drinks.

Dr Caroline Collins, from Pennard Vets, said: “We’re extremely proud to achieve B Corp status and there’s no doubt that it will be transformational for the business, in the same way that becoming an employment ownership trust has been.

"Being employee owned and socially minded is a huge draw for vets and nurses seeking a change in their career, who want to be part of an organisation where they can have a real say in the running of the practice and make a tangible difference to the environment.

“It also means that we can now make very long-term decisions, that could even take several decades to pay off, which would be very difficult to do in a traditional shareholder business, and that gives our team the authority to always do the right thing.”

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