Davies Veterinary Specialists has launched an initiative to encourage its staff to walk more to enhance their mental wellbeing.

For the 10,000 steps challenge, the practice has split into teams of eight which will compete against each other for a weekly prize for the team that collectively walks the furthest. 

The practice is also encouraging colleagues to participate in daily wellbeing sessions, including interval training and a mindfulness programme, in conjunction with healthcare partner Vitality.

Mark Goodfellow, Head of Oncology at Davies and Mental Health First Aider said: “Commitment to high standards and dedication to patient care can lead to long working hours.

"Couple this with sick patients, distressed clients and end of life decision-making and the outcome can be feelings of failure, hopelessness and compassion fatigue.

"Simply taking time to walk and share experiences with a colleague can be an unburdening in itself. A problem shared with the right person is a problem halved.”

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