MSD Animal Health has published an on-demand presentation in which three veterinary experts share their experience of managing diabetic pets. 

Susan Little, pictured left, talks about ‘Low Stress Management of the Diabetic Cat’, Professor Ian Ramsey gives his: ‘Top Ten Tips on Diabetes on a Budget’, and Grant Petrie presents: ‘Patients in Lockdown’: principles to manage diabetes remotely.

John Helps, Senior Veterinary Advisor at MSD Animal Health said: “Pet diabetes continues to be of increasing importance in the UK. Research has shown that up to 20% of diabetic pets die, or are euthanised, within a year of diagnosis1.  No-one wants to these figures rise further because of the recent challenges so the topics covered are all particularly relevant to veterinary practice teams at this time.” 

To watch the presentation, use this memorable link:

Further information for veterinary professionals from:

For pet owners, the Caninsulin website offers more information about diabetes:

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