Amber Cordice, an aspiring veterinary student from Gravesend in Kent, is appealing for financial help to overcome the barriers to entering the veterinary profession.

21-year-old Amber recently graduated with a first class degree in Zoology from the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and was then offered one of 72 places at Harper and Keele Veterinary School.

However, because it is her second degree, she is not eligible for a student fee loan. Whilst she has been able to save enough for her first year at vet school, she doesn't have the £37,000 needed to fund the other four. The pandemic is also making it harder to earn more money to put towards her career, as she has had to shield with her grandmother.

To try and make up the shortfall, Amber set up a gofundme page ( and contacted KentOnline and to try and get some publicity for her fundraising efforts, and to highlight the financial barrier for working class people like her who are trying to fulfill their dream to become a veterinary surgeon. She has already raised £933.

Amber has made a video about her story, which you can watch on her fundraising page, or on YouTube here:

Meanwhile, she has deferred her entry to vet school until she can secure further funding.

Talking about her longer term ambition, Amber said: "Being within the BAME community myself, black in STEM, and coming from a working class background, I want to be an advocate and an affiliate for students who shall face the same challenges and wish to pursue this upon becoming a vet. I also want to contribute to wildlife and conservation and the one health initiative."

For more information, or to contact Amber, visit:

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