Dechra Veterinary Products has announced that it has acquired Dilaterol, the oral bronchodilator for horses, from the Dutch veterinary pharma company, LeVet.

Dilaterol is an oral syrup containing 25 mgs/ml clenbuterol hydrochloride, indicated to treat respiratory disease in horses. It causes intense bronchodilation, inhibits histamine release and increases ciliary mucous clearance. It can be used as a frontline or adjuvant therapy.

Dilaterol is administered via food and comes in a 355 ml bottle with a pump dispenser for easy and accurate dosing.

Emma Jennings, Equine Brand Manager at Dechra said: “We are very pleased to have added Dilaterol to our comprehensive range of equine therapies as it is an established and effective treatment for bronchial conditions.

"It is particularly useful in cases of respiratory allergy, bronchospasm and equine asthma and is already regarded as a valuable tool for veterinary professionals."

Dilaterol will be available to order through wholesalers. For more information, visit

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