Dechra has launched Apovomin, an injectable apomorphine to induce vomiting in dogs that have ingested poisons or toxins.

Apovomin is effective after a single injection, with results in two to fifteen minutes. 

Apovomin has the active substance apomorphine hydrochloride hemihydrate 3 mg (equivalent to apomorphine 2.56 mg). It is being marketed in 5 ml vials. It has a three-year shelf life and lasts for up to 28 days once broached. 

Dechra Brand Manager Claire Morgan said: “Unfortunately there are many everyday substances that are toxic to dogs once ingested and time is of the essence when dogs have swallowed something that is poisonous to them. 

“It is vital that veterinary professionals have access to a safe and effective treatment like Apovomin that they know they can rely on when dealing with cases like this.

“Apovomin offers a cost effective and successful treatment for accidental poisoning that will be an important tool for veterinary professionals in day-to-day practice.” 

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