CVS, the corporate veterinary group, has launched MiPet Cover, its own range of insurance products for dogs and cats, including a premium 'lifetime' care policy.

MiPet Cover has been developed using feedback from CVS's own veterinary surgeons and veterinary team members who deal with insurance claims on a daily basis.

The company says it'll offer a new level of transparency to owners, including policy documents which are clear, concise and free of 'legalese'.

As the first insurance range to be integrated directly into a practice management system, it also offers benefits to the veterinary team by speeding up the time taken to provide quotes and to introduce and activate policies.

CVS says the addition of insurance to its range of services is in line with its vision of offering clients complete care for their pets and at this stage, it is focused on offering the new policies to clients of its existing 420 practices. spoke to Simon Morrall, the insurance professional brought in by CVS to develop the new range of insurance products for the company. He said: "As the UK’s largest provider of veterinary services, we knew that some owners experienced frustrations with insurance and we challenged ourselves to eliminate these problems with the development of MiPet Cover. 

"The more research we did, the more we realised that there was an opportunity for us to go one better and to draw on the extensive experience of our veterinary teams to produce an insurance solution built on transparency, choice and efficiency, which would give our clients access to the very best treatment when they needed it.

"With the launch of MiPet Cover, I believe that’s what we’ve done. It has been received positively by our teams across the country and we are excited about the potential it has to help both our clients and our veterinary teams."

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