Chanelle has launched Osteopen (pentosan polysulphate sodium) for the treatment of arthritis and degenerative joint disease in dogs.

Osteopen (pentosan polysulphate sodium) is a semi-synthetic polymer which Chanelle says has anti-inflammatory properties which particularly benefit the cartilage and other components of synovial joints.

The company also says pentosan polysulphate sodium is capable of modifying the metabolism of the joint structures, leading to the production of the lubricating synovial fluid which in turn reduces pain and helps regenerate damaged joint components.

Chanelle advises that normally, a course of four subcutaneous injections is given with 5-7 days between each injection, with beneficial effects normally noticed after the second or third injection and the improvement usually continuing until after the last injection is given. The beneficial effects are usually maintained for a few months after the fourth injection. If some deterioration is noted in future, the course can be repeated, up to three times in a 12 month period. 

Chanelle’s Head of Sales and Marketing Killian Gaffney said: "Osteopen is a very significant product launch for Chanelle to the UK and Irish markets, and the product will be the first alternative pentosan polysulphate sodium available."

He added: "The launch of Osteopen offers choice to the practitioner backed up by a thorough support package featuring vet and owner brochures, posters, pens and notepads."

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