Ceva Animal Health will be hosting Derma Day, a free online conference about the latest developments from the world of veterinary dermatology, on Thursday 28th October from 12:00 - 4:00pm.

Dr Natalie Marks DVM CVJ will present "Meeting the expectations of the new generation of pet owners. Let’s go digital!" and Dr Sarah Heath RCVS & EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine will talk about "Approaching dermatology cases with behaviour in mind".

Natalie's presentation will focus on what the millennial generation of pet owners expect from interactions with their vets and how clinicians need to dig deep to understand how these client groups process information. The talk will demonstrate the benefits of new digital technologies for communication and treatment follow ups, focusing on digital tools to meet client expectations and help the veterinary team offer the best advice.

Sarah's presentation will offer hands-on tips for everyday dermatology work in practice, focusing on the importance of considering emotional health when investigating and treating dermatology patients. She will also discuss the links between emotional state and dermatological disease.

There will also be live studio discussions with vets and nurses including Emma Lindbland Åström DVM, Kerstin Bergvall Diplomate DVM and Cecilia Friberg Diplomate DVM from Sweden. These discussions will focus on communication with pet owners and how the veterinary team copes with the many challenges that occur, especially when it comes to detailed dermatology treatments.  Emma will be joined in the studio by a dog owner who will provide owner insights.

Andrew Fullerton BVSc (Hons) MRCVS, product manager at Ceva Animal Health, said: “Today’s pet owners are often millennials who embrace their new family member with huge enthusiasm, however they often have very different expectations than those of previous generations because they can easily access a wealth of pet health information online.

"The Ceva Derma Day will address this by providing online delegates with extensive information on what makes millennials tick and offer proactive communication tools to strengthen vet/client relationships.”

To register for Ceva Derma Day visit: https://ceva-derma-day-2021.confetti.events 

The event will count for four hours CPD. Delegates who pre-register in advance will be issued with a certificate and be able to watch a recording of the sessions afterwards. Those who don't, won't.

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