Comedian Bill Bailey, actor and TV presenter David Harewood MBE and Paralympian Lauren Steadman MBE have marked the Blue Cross's 125th birthday by recreating scenes from the charity's history. 

Originally known as ‘Our Dumb Friends League’, the Blue Cross was formed in 1897 to help the working horses of London, who were often underfed, struggled to carry heavy loads and became injured on slippery asphalt roads created for new motor vehicles. 

Bill Bailey said: “I had a great time transforming into a Pearly King! I love all animals, so having an opportunity to celebrate Blue Cross’ heritage and highlight the support that they have continued to offer to horses, and other animals, since their inception was really special."

Iain Heaton, Deputy CEO and CFO at Blue Cross, says: “We are delighted to share these recreated historic images with our supporters, beneficiaries, and the British public. Bill, David, Lauren, and our hard-working rehoming team have done a phenomenal job at demonstrating how we have supported both pets and people over the last 125 years, and we can’t wait to see people’s response.  

To learn more about the Blue Cross's heritage, visit: 

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