RCVS Knowledge and Amplitude Clinical Outcomes are celebrating the acceptance of a virtual poster about their Canine Cruciate Registry at the National Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Research Conference, paving the way for greater collaboration between human and veterinary researchers in the future.

RCVS Knowledge launched the Canine Cruciate Registry on the Amplitude pro registry platform last year.

The automated registry, the first of its kind in veterinary medicine, allows the profession to evaluate the success of surgical techniques, and practitioners to benchmark their performance.

In June, RCVS Knowledge  had a poster detailing the purpose, impact and aspirations of the registry accepted at the PROMs research conference, which before now typically only accepted submissions from the field of human medicine. 

This, says Amplitude, marks the first step in sharing information about running registries designed to identify best practice in the care and treatment of both animals and people.

Chris Gush, Executive Director of RCVS Knowledge, said: "RCVS Knowledge is proud to be leading the development of clinical audit and registries to support the veterinary professions on their journey to continually improve the care they deliver.

"Registries are key in supporting the professions in understanding first-hand information about our patients with certain conditions, both individually and as a group, contextualizing with information from their owners, and over time, to increase our understanding of that condition.”

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