Cambridgeshire-based Liz Barton MRCVS has launched, a website which points veterinary surgeons in the direction of good-quality resources designed to foster wellbeing and resilience.

Liz, a mother of two who qualified at Cambridge in 2004 and now works part time doing ECC shifts at the Cromwell Veterinary Group and shelter medicine at Wood Green, said: "I’m an average GP vet-mum who found a happy work-life balance after a decade in practice. Fed up with bemoaning the state of the profession, I started looking into solutions. And there are many; a growing wave of initiatives by both veterinary organisations and individuals to address the issues facing the profession and move us to a brighter future. But all of this reading took time, and I wanted to help friends and colleagues access appropriate resources quickly and efficiently.

"So, I’ve created; a website to curate, collate and summarise a wide range of resources covering everything from support for employers/employees/students, financial advice, mental wellbeing, career breaks, advice for mums, and a vet sports page to celebrate and highlight sporting endeavours and encourage us to get active. The site is free access and not-for-profit. If you have a resource you’d like me to add, or if you are able to promote or support the site in any way, please contact:

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