Butternut Box, which makes fresh food for dogs, has launched a new referral scheme for veterinary surgeons. 

The company makes personalised, calorie-controlled fresh meals for dogs; 20 million of them since it launched in 2016.

Each recipe is made of human-grade ingredients and contains 60% single-source protein and 40% vegetables and lentils, with added minerals. There are no preservatives, derivatives or byproducts. Recipes such as "Chow Down Chicken," "Gobble Gobble Turkey," and "Swish Fish Dish" contain less than 5% fat content.

The meals are portioned specifically to each dog according to their calorific need. They are then delivered directly to the customer's door (free-of-charge) via a subscription model.

The model has proven so successful that Butternut Box has recently secured £20m in venture capital to grow the business.

The company launched a referral programme in early May, in which over 50 veterinary surgeons and nurses have signed up to become Butternut Box 'ambassadors'. 

Each ambassador is give a unique discount web address which they can give to any client that would benefit from a freshly cooked, calorie-controlled diet for their dog.

If the client redeems the code, a one-time referral fee is credited to the ambassador's account, which can be transferred to a personal account, donated to charity or spent on Butternut Box food for their own use.

Kyle Kennedy from Butternut Box said: "We take great pride in the quality of our food. We think dogs deserve better, and we want to give pet professionals a food they can be proud to recommend."

For more information about being a Butternut Box ambassador, email: kyle@butternutbox.com.

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