MSD Animal Health has launched a single dose vial presentation of Bovilis Intranasal RSP Live, its early life calf pneumonia vaccine, in order to give users greater flexibility to vaccinate individual animals.

The intranasal vaccine can be administered to calves from one week old. It reduces the clinical signs of respiratory disease and viral shedding from infection with Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV) and Parainfluenza-3 Virus (Pi3V).

MSD says that no other UK-licensed BRD vaccine can be administered earlier in life, and claims the vaccine delivers the fastest on-farm protection, with an onset of immunity after administration of 5 days for BRSV and 7 days for Pi3V. Duration of immunity is 12 weeks for both viruses.

MSD Animal Health livestock veterinary adviser Dr Kat Baxter-Smith said: "Having this early life calf pneumonia vaccine available in single dose vials will give farmers more practical leeway to be able to vaccinate vulnerable young calves from as young as a week of age, rather than delaying administration until a batch of calves are available. We know that early-age protection of young calves through intranasal vaccination can help prevent pneumonia and positively impact a beef or dairy calf’s productive future".

The new single dose vials are supplied in packs of five, complementing the five dose vials already available.

For further information, contact your MSD account manager. 

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