Boehringer Ingelheim has announced the introduction of a new and improved bottle for its respiratory vaccine, Bovalto Respi Intranasal (IN), which can be used in calves from 10 days of age.

Being an intranasal vaccine, Bovalto Respi IN triggers mucosal immunity in the nasal passages and throat area. It can be delivered from 10 days of age without the need for a booster and provides immunity for 12 weeks, from 10 days after vaccination.

Boehringer says it has also been shown to be effective in the face of MDA (maternally derived antibodies).

The new bottle now has a wider neck, which apparently makes for a better fit with the accompanying Respisafe applicator and nozzle. 

Brand manager Matt Yarnall said: "The Respisafe applicator ensures that vaccination is a comfortable process for both farmer and calf and the improved fit will make the job even easier.

"With an intranasal vaccine, it is important that the vaccine droplets coat the mucosa of the nasal passages, where they can begin to work. If they are too big, then the vaccine can run out of the nose, and if too small then the droplets are carried into the lungs and are wasted. The Respisafe system ensures that the optimum size of droplet is administered to the right place in an efficient and easy way.”

Bovalto Respi Intranasal protects against the two main respiratory viruses – RSV and PI3, and during its development it was tested against current strains, that are associated with causing disease in cattle1.

Stock of the new bottles will start to enter circulation with vets from mid-July, with an expectation that the existing version will still be in circulation until early in the new year.


  1. Philippe-Reversat et al. (2017) Acta vet. BRNO 86: 325-332

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