Boehringer has launched Frontline Wormer for cats and dogs.

Frontline wormer for cats contains praziquantel and pyrantel embonate, and for dogs it also contains febantel.

According to the company, Frontline Wormer is effective agains all types of intestinal worms found in the UK: roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms.

It is presented as a palatable tablet which can be given as a treat without food, or mixed with food. 

The press release from the company says the new product "gives pet parents an easy way to worm their cats and dogs".

"Pet parents?"

Someone please pass me the sick bag.

If I get one more press release describing cat or dog owners as 'pet parents", so help me god I will turn up at the press office and chain myself - naked - to the photocopying machine in protest.

It's a ghastly, patronising, cloying way to refer to people who own an animal, besides which, if I really was the parent of a pet, I would expect to be serving time at His Majesty's pleasure.

Frontline Wormer is available in packs of two tablets for 3 pet sizes. 

As an AVM-GSL-licensed product, it can be sold off the shelf.

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