Animalcare has added Orozyme Oral Hygiene Gel, an enzymatic plaque-suppressing toothpaste, to its range. 

The company has also carried out research amongst 60 practices which found that despite the fact that over 80% of dogs over the age of three reportedly suffer from dental disease1, only 48% opened discussions about dental care at the earliest opportunity: vaccination time. 16% only discussed dental care if the dog developed a dental problem and 52% also admitted that they did not follow up discussions on dental compliance.²

Eleanor Workman Wright, Product Manager at Animalcare, said: "The key to successful dental care is to start early, both in educating owners and getting puppies and kittens used to brushing or other forms of dental care. If discussions are delayed until the animal is a year old, it is possible that some disease may already be present while the animal may be less receptive to brushing or other efforts to care for their teeth.

"We see the dental sector as important and one that is likely to grow, particularly in the light of the pandemic-induced increase in the number of dogs and cats. We hope that our new Owner Guide will support veterinary teams in initiating early discussions with owners about the importance of dental care, while the addition of an affordable and effective oral gel in Orozyme, to our range will give them a key tool to offer to owners to use as part of their homecare routine."

For more information, contact your Animalcare Territory Manager or visit: .  


  1. Enlund, K.B., Brunius, C., Hanson, J. et al. Dental home care in dogs - a questionnaire study among Swedish dog owners, veterinarians and veterinary nurses. BMC Vet Res 16, 90 (2020).
  2. Research summary available from Animalcare on request

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