BaytrilBayer Animal Health has announced changes to the product indications for Baytril 50mg/ml and 100mg/ml Solutions for Injection, which both contain enrofloxacin.

Baytril 50mg/ml and 100mg/ml Solutions for Injection, now have licensed indications for the treatment of sheep and goats.

Baytril 50mg/ml and 100mg/ml* Solutions for Injection are now licensed for the treatment of acute mycoplasma-associated arthritis due to enrofloxacin- susceptible strains of Mycoplasma bovis in cattle (*in cattle less than 2 years old.)

For the treatment of acute severe mastitis caused by enrofloxacin - susceptible strains ofEscherichia coli in cattle, the second injection of Baytril 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection may now be given subcutaneously, 24 hours after the first dose administered by intravenous injection. In this case, the withdrawal period following subcutaneous injection should be applied.

For more information, refer to the product data sheets at and SPCs or speak to your local Bayer Animal Health representative.

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