welcomed its 4000th member to the online community last night, and recorded it's 1 millionth page view since the site was first launched late in 2007.

Use of the site didn't really start to take off until after the installation of a state-of-the-art social networking software platform late in 2008, and the site is now well on target to reach it's 2 millionth page view well inside the next year.

There was another significant milestone last night when was contacted by a solicitor and asked politely to remove a part of a forum post on the site. Unlike Private Eye, I don't have the resources to argue in court, so I removed the offending paragraph.

Whatever else, it's flattering that someone thinks the VetSurgeon community is now important enough to wheel out a solicitor. Still, I hope it doesn't become a regular occurance. It's something of a heart-stopping moment when the person at the other end of the telephone introduces themselves 'as the solicitor acting for ...'

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