is conducting a survey for veterinary surgeons and students to discover whether, when searching for a job, you would like to see salaries and benefits advertised in job adverts.

The survey follows the launch last year of a new feature on VetSurgeon Jobs and VetNurse Jobs which allows employers to highlight the salary and benefits they offer. Specifically, the system allows practices to display a 'minimum offer', described to the job seeker as the starting point for a discussion, or a salary range. 

Still, currently only 10% of job adverts on and 16% on include the salary, despite some evidence that broadly speaking, advertising a salary can improve response rates

But do veterinary job seekers want to see the salary advertised, and if so, how much of a different could it make? These are questions this survey seeks to answer.

My guess is that it may be more important to veterinary nurses than veterinary surgeons, because there is probably a greater variability in salaries amongst nurses, and more jobs where you'd struggle to pay the mortgage. 

It'll be interesting to see.

To take part in the survey, which is completely anonymous, visit: It's 4 quick fire questions which should take you less than a minute.

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