has today officially launched the new Small Animal Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery Group, where all veterinary dentistry news, discussions, clinical reference photographs and CPD will now be found under one roof.

The dentistry group is one of a number of special interest groups being launched on in the coming months which ALL members are invited to come and join.

The new groups make it much easier to find and follow content that interests you. More than that, they bring together members with a shared interest in the subject, thereby facilitating the sharing of information, experience and knowledge. To that end, expert contributors to the new dentistry group include: Pete Southerden, Norman Johnston, Bob Partridge and Evelyn Barbour-Hill

As elsewhere on, reading content in the new groups or participating in discussions can count towards a CPD certificate. Just press 'Claim CPD' at the top of the page, then collect the record and certificate from your profile.

As elsewhere on, there's also the opportunity for you to express your appreciation of shared information you've found helpful, by pressing the 'Thank you' button above content. We'll be rewarding those members who are most thanked by members of the site for their help.

The new groups have been set up partly in response to the growth in Facebook groups for vets and the need for to offer added value over Facebook if it is to compete for your attention.

By virtue of the number of its numbers, Facebook probably can't be beaten for general 'chit chat'. But for clinical discussions, it has some serious flaws.

Firstly, there's minimal curation of content and it's more or less impossible to filter irrelevant stuff. Because of that, and because Facebook displays post excepts, rather than headlines, you can end up having to scroll as far as Australia to find stuff relating to your area of interest.

By contrast, the listings of latest content by title on VetSurgeon makes it much easier to scan the content and find the stuff that interests you, particularly now content is grouped by clinical discipline. 

Perhaps even more importantly, it's impossible to see the professional qualifications of the person who replied to you on Facebook, so you don't necessarily know if they have the faintest idea what they are talking about. VetSurgeon profiles are visible to all, and allow members to display their postgrad veterinary qualifications, amongst other things. 

Lastly, the way discussions on Facebook are 'threaded' makes it very, very difficult to refer back and find who said something useful (you remember someone said something, but then, on a busy thread, you may have to expand 20 or 20 threads to find the thing you were after). That's not just a pain in the derrière, it means that any valuable information shared by specialists and experts is too easily lost. 

The bottom line is that if you're looking for general chat, Fleecebook may be your best bet. But if you have questions about specific clinical disciplines, is where you'll find better answers, quicker.

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