Yorkshire-based Animal Trust, the somewhat controversially named not-for-profit veterinary practice, has announced it is opening a second practice in Dewsbury, less than a year since it opened the first one up the road in Tingley.

Set up by veterinary surgeons, Animal Trust trumpets the fact that its main focus is on the welfare of animals. How that makes it different to any other practice in the country is hard to see, however Animal Trust also says that it reinvests all profits back into the business for the benefit of its patients. 

Owen Monie, the founder of Animal Trust, said: "We couldn’t be prouder to be opening our second clinic in Yorkshire.

"The success of our Tingley clinic has increased demand across the county, therefore we identified the need of a not-for-profit veterinary clinic further west in Yorkshire."

"Unlike most veterinary clinics, we offer free consultations with experts to enable patients to access care and advice on treatment exactly when they need help."

No doubt the practice's charitable-sounding name and positioning will continue to grate others in the profession who also do so much pro-bono work.

Still, you've got to credit Dr Monie: it's a powerful consumer proposition he's got there.

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