The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has launched the Equine Practice Fundamentals Programme, a series of ten courses covering the essentials of equine care to equip veterinary surgeons with the essential skills they need to carry out their day job.

BEVA says it was aware, from both younger members and their employers, that there were some equine fields, for which the association had no courses, where newer graduates were lacking in clinical skills. 

The new Equine Practice Fundamentals Programme comprises 10 individual CPD courses with a mix of lectures and hands-on practicals. BEVA says it builds on the broad training delivered by the universities to specifically provide the pragmatic knowledge and hands-on clinical skills needed by those in the early stages of an equine veterinary career. 

The content was designed on the back of consultation with over 60 senior practitioners from across BEVA’s membership.

The average senior practitioner rated the likelihood that they would encourage recent graduates to attend the programme as 9/10 and BEVA says feedback on the initial course proposal was highly encouraging.

The courses cover:

  • Skin and eye fundamentals
  • Gastro-intestinal fundamentals
  • Sedation, field anaesthesia and castrations fundamentals
  • Radiography and ultrasound fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of equine internal medicine and clinical pathology
  • Dentistry fundamentals
  • Lameness and farriery fundamentals
  • Emergencies in equine practice
  • Pre-purchase exam, euthanasia, insurance and working at eventing competitions – the fundamentals
  • Reproduction essentials and how to survive in equine practice

David Mountford, Chief Executive of BEVA, said: "Because BEVA doesn’t seek to make a profit on its CPD we can deliver an outstanding programme that is both highly regarded and affordable. We anticipate that the series will become essential CPD for those looking to establish themselves in equine practice, for practices looking to support the development of new staff, and for employers looking to differentiate between candidates."

The first five courses will be running during 2018 and again in 2019 together with the remaining five. The full series of ten courses can be booked at a discounted rate. Alternatively, each course can be booked individually.

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