The Linnaeus Group has announced the acquisition of Village Vet, a first opinion group with over 20 practices in London, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. 

The acquisition takes the combined number of sites in the Linnaeus Group to 57.

Brendan Robinson, Village Vet director, said: "When looking for investment, there were a number of options open to us, however, we wanted to ensure we partnered with a group which had the same ethos and ethics as ourselves, who are dedicated to providing an excellent all-round service. 

"Having chosen Linnaeus, we look forward to the partnership providing great opportunities for collaborating in CPD, sharing best practice, forming relationships with Specialists and other teams within the group, as well as being part of a bigger family."

Lynne Hill, chief executive of the Linnaeus Group (pictured right), said: "Both Village Vet and its referral centre, London Vet Specialists, will be very welcome additions to the Linnaeus team and complement our existing practices, especially those located in the South East. 

"All three existing Village Vet directors will be continuing with the practice and remain committed to its success, working alongside the Linnaeus Group." 

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