Retropharyngeal polyp

This cat presented gagging and with dyspnoea.  The large polyp came out really easily with a simple tug and pull from this young adult cat.  What is the likelihood of regrowth?  Does anybody attempt to cauterise the stump?

  • Retropharyngeal polyp

    Did it bleed much when you excised it? Was it just a clamp and cut job or did you place a ligature?

  • Retropharyngeal polyp

    Anthony - it came out quite easily with a clamp and gentle pressure (it came away as I was getting the scissors in place to cut it).  Minimal bleeding.

  • Retropharyngeal polyp

    Nice photograph! And an absolutely splendid polyp.

    I've never known one recur, although I'm sure it's possible.

    And I've never attempted to cauterise anything – I think that would be really difficult.  

    And, I must say, I've never attempted to ligate. A twist and a pull and it plops out, and haemorrhage seems to be minimal, although I watch everything carefully for five  minutes before releasing from anaesthesia.

    I love to see that stalk on what's come out. It seems to say "that's it, job done".