Liver Cyst

I scanned this cystic lesion in a severely PUPD stray geriatric Staffie.  The only changes on bloods was elevated ALP.  It was drinking 6-9 litres/day.  The watery fluid that came out of this cystic lesion was acellular.  It had other liver masses and a very nodular spleen (hence was PTS'd and this was post mortem).  Has anyone seen anything like this before?  Benign or otherwise?  Related to PUPD???

  • Liver Cyst

    Did you submitted samples for histopathology¿

  • Liver Cyst

    Sadly not Ivan - finances didn't permit it.  I did analysis and a cytospin on the fluid in house and it was pure transudate and absolutely acellular.

    I've never seen anything like it.  I was thinking either a primary cystic lesion or localised portal hypertension due to a liver thrombus??  There were other lesions in the liver which looked more classically neoplasic.

  • Liver Cyst

    Ok. Thank you.

    Never seen before....