Acute nasal pyoderma

Not listed in all skin books and not many pics , i'm often surprised by how few 'young vets' do not recognise the condition.

Nearly always dobermans but any bignoses can. Trick is always tell the client it will get worse before it get better and may reach the face, then bang it with marb, the affected area may slough.

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  • Acute nasal pyoderma

    Comment posted Tue, Dec 15 2009

    erm young vet here please explain - do we get the diagnosis by looking at the nose grossly or do we do cytology etc before calling it a (acute nasal) pyoderma?

  • Acute nasal pyoderma

    Comment posted Dec 22 2009

    As Rajat suggests cytology would be helpful and definitely bacteriology if any intact pustules are evident.This is a typical site for deep pyoderma so would need 3 weeks pus of an appropriate antibiotic and preferably 1 week past clinical cure.

    A great picture is in David Grants book on SA Dermatology 1995.

    This is also a typical site of Pemphigus foliaceus ,dermatophytosis ,and also demodex.      Paul Dowie

  • Acute nasal pyoderma

    Comment posted Jan 10 2010

    have seen eosinophilic type reactions that look very similar and need steroids and lots of them!

  • Acute nasal pyoderma

    Comment posted Mon, Oct 4 2010

    Hi, this lesion is suggestive of eosinophilic furunculosis, and immune medicated condition.  Whilst self-limiting scarring is an issue and steroids may reduce this.  Washes should be gentle.