Dorwest highlights seaweed in fight against obesityDorwest Herbs has highlighted research that suggests a highly rational mode of action for kelp seaweed as an aid in the treatment of obesity when used alongside a weight reduction diet. The company is asking vets and nurses to look at the evidence and consider using licensed herbal medicines to help cats and dogs lose weight naturally. To help you evaluate the product, Dorwest is giving away 50 trial packs of Kelp Seaweed Tablets.

Mary Boughton MBE, Quality Director at Dorwest Herbs and the UK's leading specialist in the formulation of veterinary herbal medicines said: "We have lots of evidence that Kelp Seaweed Tablets work as an aid in the treatment of obesity but traditional explanations were based on the effect of iodine supplementation on thyroid function as a mode of action. That just didn't hold water for us. However, in common with many conventional medicines, the mechanisms for mode of action of herbal medicines are often not known. So, it was with some excitement that we heard of research that demonstrated that fucoxanthin, a pigment found in kelp, upregulates expression of UCP1 (uncoupling protein) and produces weight loss in the same region as conventional anti-obesity drugs."

Various studies estimate pet obesity may affect 30 to 60 per cent of pets in the UK and arthritis, heart disease and diabetes are just some of the diseases that occur with increasing frequency in obese pets. The research indicates that fucoxanthin has an effect on glucose metabolism and may lower the risk of coronary heart disease in humans. Phlorotannins found in brown seaweed have also recently been indentified as interfering with both the onset and consequences of osteoarthritis. Mary Boughton points out that multiple effects are often seen when herbal treatments are used, "Herbal treatments contain thousands of plant derived chemical compounds and are known for their diverse action, as opposed to the 'magic bullet' effect seen with conventional medicines. In a condition such as obesity where we see many disruptions of normal metabolism and several co-morbid conditions, choosing a herbal treatment makes sense. Kelp Seaweed Tablets are the logical alternative."

Dorwest has prepared a fully referenced technical information sheet detailing recent scientific studies and data from herbal formularies with reference to the role of kelp seaweed in obesity management.

To help vets and nurses further evaluate Kelp Seaweed Tablets - a licensed herbal medicine - used as part of a weight management programme the company is giving away 50 FREE trial packs containing seven weeks of Kelp Seaweed Tablets for a large breed dog, a case report sheet and the technical information sheet. There is also a prize of £100 of John Lewis shopping vouchers for the most informative case report received before the end of February 2010.  There is one pack available per practice, while stocks last.

To request a technical information sheet or pack call Dorwest Herbs on 01308 897272.