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Tuesday, 1st May 2018
 Small Animals
Liz Barton MRCVS

RCVS updates guidance on the who’s and how’s when obtaining informed consent to avoid misunderstandings.

72% of vets fear reputational damage from negative online reviews.

BSAVA looking for participants in professional mentoring pilot scheme – closing date soon

Vets urged to take part in the Big Flea Project – the largest study of fleas in the UK.

Illegal vet medicines estimated to cost industry up to £1.4bn in a growing black market

Titanium 3D printing used to reconstruct dog’s maxilla following oncologic surgery.

From Oct 2018 dog breeders producing >3 litters/year must be licensed, and puppies have to be >8 weeks old to be sold in new legislation.

Royal Canin launches healthy pet weight campaign with up to £1000 holiday voucher for winning vet nurse.


Galliprant is a first-in-class piprant; a non-COX-inhibiting prostaglandin receptor antagonist (PRA) blocks the EP4 receptor, the primary mediator of canine OA pain and inflammation.

Vitamin D shown to reduce pruritis in dogs with atopy, but long-term studies needed.

Advocate adds new indication for treatment of lungworm in cats and lungworm and eyeworm in dogs.

Thalidomide prolongs survival following splenectomy in dog with splenic haemangiosarcoma.

Feligen RCP vaccine SPC updated to include more post-vaccinal reactions including febrile limping syndrome in kittens.

Tardak SPC updated: avoid use in dogs with DM, impaired kidney or liver function, mammary tumours, steroid treatment or dogs <1 year old.  Side effects of updated to include: DM, liver enzyme raises, teat changes, GI, adrenocortical suppression.

Canine Coronavirus shown to be common cause of respiratory infection in dogs.

Strep zooepidemicus emerging as a cause of infectious respiratory disease in dogs, and lymphadenitis in guinea pigs.

Rise in Staph pyoderma with MDR – guidelines and reminders for case management.

New research shows Indoxyl sulfate can predict the progression of chronic kidney disease in dog and cats.


FREE webinar ‘How to improve your results with Immunotherapy.’ Wednesday 2nd May at 12pm.

BOAS resources, posters, grading and guidelines available from QVSH.

RCVS launches pilot leadership initiative, open to all.

Charity WVS launches ‘Return to Work’ surgical skills course in Thailand, for the mature vet after a career break.

VN Futures free evening event on ‘Flexible working - how it can benefit you and your team’ 3rd May 6pm Castle Donington.

Cat Care 4 Life health programme launched by iCatCare with free resources for vets and owners.

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By VetSurgeon Jobs

Confident VS needed in Co Durham for full or part time flexible position. £30-£50K + benefits.

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 Large Animals
Rachel Tennant MRCVS

Christine Middlemiss is the new UK Chief Veterinary Officer.

Antibiotic use in US beef cattle 5 times higher than that in the UK.

Michael Gove launches 6 week call for evidence on live exports.

InnoVet-AMR is an initiative launched to fund research into developing vaccines in order to fight antimicrobial resistance.


Parofor (paromomycin) for treating E.coli diarrhoea in piglets and calves now available in a 70mg/g water soluble powder. It should not be used in newborns.

Parasitic gastroenteritis was the most common ovine diagnosis at APHA VI centres.

A German trial has found antibiotics more effective in treating bovine mastitis than homeopathy.

Bovigen scour vaccine (Rota, corona and E.coli) primary vaccine course has changed to a single injection 3-12 weeks before calving.

Boehringer Ingelheim has launched an internal teat sealant - Ubroseal.

An IBR-related death in a vaccinated calf was thought to be down to the administration of the vaccine during a period of stress (dehorning).


Article on Managing injuries and disease in freshly calved dairy cows by Nicola Gladden.

Zoetis now offers a genomic testing package for dairy farms to help achieve herd health and breeding goals.

BCVA and Dairy UK launch MilkSure initiative to reduce medicine residues in milk. Farms can gain Milksure accreditation after training and risk assessment.

BCVA launches new app with competition and £100 prizes.

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Prolapse table

Saw the following on Instagram....looks quite a good idea! Has anyone done it this way? I can find plenty of single shorter folding stools but not one as long as this.


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By VetSurgeon Jobs

Independent Mixed Practice in N Yorkshire. Great team. Fantastic place to live & work.

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Aoife Bakonyi Byrne MRCVS

Important changes to ARVS racing rules from 2nd April.

Vets with Horsepower 2018 take their motorbikes to the Arctic Circle for charity.

AHT launches 5 year project to create equine herpesvirus-1 vaccine.

Trackener device analyses a horse’s activity 24/7; location, movement, behaviour and heart rate. Suitable for veterinary use e.g. monitoring inpatients or for owners to use at home.


April and May key months for Equine Grass Sickness in 2017; data from national surveillance scheme.

CEM: new local control arrangements since Feb 2018; vets invited to join the ‘approved practitioner’ list.


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Handy article summaries for the EVJ on BEVA website.

The latest eBEVA Webinar is now available 'A Veterinary Guide to Equine Insurance in the UK'.

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Equine Behaviour Referrals

When/if you make an equine behaviour referral where do you send your clients?

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By VetSurgeon Jobs

Enthusiastic and confident veterinary surgeon needed at Equine only new position in friendly mixed practice in Northants.

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