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Tuesday, 3rd April 2018
 Small Animals
Liz Barton MRCVS

Wild animals to be banned in travelling circuses in England from 2020.

Bristol Vet School launches owner-directed survey on pelvic fractures in cats with more than 6 month follow up.

Streetvet, veterinary charity for the homeless, is recruiting at BSAVA: presentation 11am on Friday; recruiting 11:00am Saturday, Practical Zone.

First meeting of parliamentary group dedicated to improving feline welfare and putting cats on the political agenda.


First licensed injectable diazepam for dogs and cats; Ziapam launched.

Dexacortone chewable tablets; first oral dexamethasone licensed in dogs and cats.

Duoflect high strength Fipronil/S-methoprene has extended duration of action against fleas and ticks.

Cyclavance; oral cyclosporine A now licensed for treatment of chronic allergic skin disease in cats with warnings against use in FeLV/FIV, T.gondii etc.

Lethal acrodermatitis gene identified in Bull Terriers breeds; causes poor growth, immune deficiency and skin lesions.

H5N6 HPAI found in dead buzzard in Wales.

Single cortisol measurement and consistent clinical signs are superior to ACTH stim for monitoring Cushings dogs on Vetoryl.

Probiotic yeast shown to improve clinical signs in dogs with chronic enteropathy in small study.

Systematic review on AED use in cats shows paucity of evidence, with phenobarbital advised as first choice, followed by imepitoin and levetiracetam.


Canine Arthritis Management has great free resources for vets and clients to make life with arthritis more bearable for dogs and owners. #yourdogmoreyears 

HALT campaign launched by VetLed to improve working life, efficiency and performance; includes practice resources and free webinar on 13th April.

Free webinar by Prof Ian Ramsay on Pre-Vetoryl Cortisol testing 18th April.

3 free parasite webinars throughout 2018, courtesy of MSD.

Free webinar recording on Reproductive Emergencies.

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Discussion Forum

A vet's life. What are the best bits?

For some time now, all we seem to hear about are the challenges and difficulties of life as a veterinary surgeon.

Perhaps people might give two or three reasons or things they enjoyed most about their careers ...

 Large Animals
Rachel Tennant MRCVS

DEFRA has launched two consultations on badger culling as part of BTB control in England; potentially allowing culling in low risk areas.

MP’s have debated banning export of live animals for slaughter after Brexit.

BVA president John Fishwick has discussed the possibilities of how to get more UK-trained vets interested in vital OV work in abattoirs.

Alpaca blood now stored at Pet Blood Bank to provide plasma for colostrum-deprived crias.


Mycoplasma Bovis common cause of pneumonia in N. Ireland, with concurrent arthritis in two calves.

Bovalto pneumonia vaccines now licensed for pregnant and lactating cows.

Oxytobel recall for BN: J2101-03 Expiry 11/2018 due to problems with preservative.

Zermex 20mg/ml LA (moxidectin) SPC updated to warn of environmental effects on non-target organisms.

Marbocare 20mg/ml SPC updated to advise against use in cases during injury to the locomotor system.

Acute rumen fluke causes death in store lamb with a concurrent liver fluke. No products are licensed for rumen fluke, but Oxyclozanide is advised for treatment; check new withdrawals.


In Practice article summarises recent advancements in Contagious Ovine Digital Dermatitis aetiology and control.

Guidelines and resources on antiobiotic use in sheep e.g. in neonatal lambs available from SVS and

BVD Mind the Gap App launched by Boehringer Ingelheim to aid vets and farmers eradicate the disease on farms.

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Discussion Forum

Has anyone any experience with hair sheep? We've gained a couple of flocks of Cameroon sheep recently and one of them is itching like lice, no mites, have sampled several times (all negative) and have treated with dectomax, spot on and crovect. Any thoughts at all welcomed.

Aoife Bakonyi Byrne MRCVS

BHA instigate race identity checks to minimise risk of incorrect horses running in races.

Virbac launches Facebook group to encourage sharing of information between equine medicine advisers. SQPs can join by searching for Equine SQP Forum.

New pilot CEM control plan in Great Britain seeks vets to join the approved list of practitioners available to deal with cases of CEM.  Contact to apply.


AHT offer free diagnostic testing for suspected cases of equine influenza.

The AAEP has published its updated Infectious Disease Control Guidelines, which includes newly created guidelines for Rhodoccocus equi.

ACVIM Consensus Statement Revision on Strangles with a summary of the latest research into diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Tapeworm saliva test shown to reduce anthelmintic use in horses.  Podcast/video resources available.

April and May key months for Equine Grass Sickness in 2017; data from national surveillance scheme.

BEVA revamps medicines guidance resource to advice on correct prescribing of equine medicines.


BEVA Webinar on 'The Cascade in Equine Practice'.

Baileys have produced an interactive workbook for owners to use to help manage weight in obese horses.

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Discussion Forum

Septic joint in a foal - to flush?

Discuss in the equine forum on
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Enthusiastic and confident veterinary surgeon needed at mixed practice in Stornoway

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