Could a new app spark change in the veterinary market?

Improving management with immunotherapy
What are the benefits of allergen-specific immunotherapy in the management of canine atopic dermatitis?

Treating canine juvenile onset generalised demodicosis
A guide to the well-known demodicosis which can present in several forms and seems to be on the rise in the UK.

The latest on exotic worms
Four exotic worms you’re likely to see in your practice in 2019 and how to deal with them.

Official Vet
What impact will Brexit have on the movement of animals to and from EU countries?

Reviewing bovine TB control in Devon
Views on control methods were exchanged in a meeting attended by vet Dick Sibley, TB activist Brian May and a range of professionals involved with TB control.

Diseases of farmed deer
Learn about managing disease in the second article of a two-part series on deer farming in the UK.

Lessons from the influenza outbreak
Was the outbreak of equine “flu” a dress rehearsal for something more serious?

Epidydimal semen harvesting
Post-castration epididymal sperm extraction is a pioneering method of semen collection that permits semen extraction where other options don’t allow.

To finance or not to finance?
Key legal and compliance considerations for practices planning to offer credit options to clients.

Tackling the management challenges of large animal practice
At the 2019 SPVS-VMG Conference, the owner of an award-winning farm animal practice explained how she keeps her team happy.

“You can’t de-tune your mind to pick up on adversity, so complaints will still disproportionately affect us”

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