Managing feline injection site sarcoma Surgical management combined with radiotherapy is the best option for treating the rare malignant tumour.

Is canine lungworm infection a risk? An overview of the life cycle, prevalence, clinical signs, diagnosis and prevention of the parasite in the UK.

Small animal dermatology How to identify Canine Malassezia dermatitis and tackle it with systemic and topical therapy.

A year of activity and progression What are the current priorities for vets working in the large animal sector?

Animal welfare Could we improve animal welfare by harnessing human culture?

Deer farming Expert insight into managing farmed deer is provided in part one of a two-part article from a UK-based deer specialist.

Dealing with diarrhoea Aetiologies and diagnosis are considered in part one of a two-part series on equine diarrhoea.

Asking the experts about eye problems Learn from two ophthalmology experts as they are posed questions on common equine eye issues.

The rules on uniforms Where do tax exemptions apply when it comes to employee uniforms?

Mind the gaps in customer care It is important that you minimise the gaps between expectations and experience to boost customer satisfaction.

VDS training What records should you keep, who owns them and who is entitled to see them?

Opinion “Many vets unwittingly and unwillingly end up providing ad hoc OOH cover to other practices’ clients”

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