Lyme disease exposure risk to UK dogs
With an increasing number of dogs at risk of Lyme disease, prevention is key.

CEO of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, Steve Nichols, explains his vision for the future of captive parrots.

Mental health
Could combating the apparent lack of empathy in the profession boost practice profitability?

Tips for guiding clients away from misinformation and biases and towards better feeding decisions.

Will the profession embrace government plans to control future disease threats?
Delegates at the Official Vet Conference 2018 had the opportunity to question the APHA’s proposals for adapting the workforce post-Brexit.

Ectoparasites of sheep and cattle
A summary of common and emerging exotic ectoparasites found on farmed ruminants in the UK.

Victory for the pre-purchase exam
Figures from the Veterinary Defence Society reveal that, despite the complexities, relatively few pre-purchase examinations result in negligence claims.

Detecting tumours in horses
Common equine cancers are described to help with cancer identification and treatment decisions.

Sexual harassment in the workplace
What is your liability as an employer and how should you deal with any complaints raised by your staff?

Merging or acquiring a practice
If you follow the right steps, merging or acquiring a practice may not be as difficult as it first sounds.

Key steps in dealing with subject access requests from clients, which are on the rise since implementation of the GDPR.

“The public should be guaranteed a certain standard from vet practices”

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