Potential applications for corneal cross-linking in ophthalmology
A useful tool for arresting corneal melting and stabilising the cornea in companion animals.

Dealing with the painful eye
David Williams explores the precautionary principle when dealing with ocular discomfort.

Critical care for rabbit patients
Molly Varga outlines the journey from dependence to independence in the critically ill rabbit patient presenting to small animal practice.

Small animal nutrition
Clare Hemmings from Royal Canin asks whether a home-prepared diet can be nutritionally complete.

Veterinary practices and antibiotic milk failures
The MilkSure programme aims to reduce the number of milk samples failing antibiotic tests through vet and farmer collaboration.

Iceberg diseases in sheep
Practical strategies for diagnosis, management and prevention of insidious infectious conditions seen in sheep.

What will Brexit mean for the equine sector?
A session on adapting to changing times at BEVA Congress 2018 highlighted current priorities for the equine veterinary profession.

Dealing with postpartum complications in horses
South African vet Deon van Tonder explains how to recognise and prevent common postpartum complications seen in mares.

Searching for financial help in the UK
Adam Bernstein reviews the funding options available to help grow a practice.

The benefit of HR audits
One of the best ways any employer can minimise the risk of a claim is to ensure that their internal HR practices are up to scratch.

Leadership in a new world
How will leaders need to adapt to the rapidly changing profession?

Animal welfare
How can interactions with therapy dogs be improved for humans and animals?

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