Introducing the new CVO
Find out what the key priorities will be for Christine Middlemiss in her first year as the UK's Chief Veterinary Officer.

Clifford Warwick
“Pet labelling is required and needs to be entirely independently and objectively formulated”

Feline hyperthyroidism
A guide to the medical management of feline hyperthyroidism when faced with concurrent disease.

Samantha Taylor discusses weight management in cats and Oliver Gonzalez-Sarmiento considers a diet-based approach to tackling diabetes mellitus.

David Grant explores canine impetigo in puppies, Chiara Noli begins a short series on feline allergenic skin disease and Jayne Clark takes a deeper look into chronic otitis externa.

Managing cases of feline leukaemia virus
An introduction to feline leukaemia virus and guide to successful diagnosis and management of the disease.

Cattle hoof care standards
Veterinary surgeons in cattle practice are urged to review their approach to the management and treatment of the bovine hoof.

Keeping track of African swine fever
How is the APHA monitoring the risk of African swine fever and what procedures are in place should the virus reach Great Britain?

A global perspective on the equine profession
Having led a diverse career with experience all over the world, Juan Samper talks about what the profession might look like in the future.

Performing a meaningful neurological exam
Practical advice from a specialist on performing an equine neurological examination – from head to tail.

Using net promoter scores
An introduction to net promoter scores, why they are useful and how to calculate them.

The key steps to designing a practice
Although there are unique factors to consider, designing a veterinary practice involves the same key steps essential to any building project.

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