Wound management in chelonians A guide to assessing, treating and managing a range of wounds that may be encountered in chelonians.

How to manage thermal burn wounds A good understanding of the pathophysiology is important when managing burn injuries and associated systemic complications.

Dermatology David Grant considers the management of canine hookworm dermatitis and Remi Mandray asks how important ear cleaners are for otitis externa.

Neurology What does the evidence say about the prevalence of complications associated with canine spinal surgery?

Is farm animal welfare a public good? It has been suggested that more clarity will be needed over farm animal welfare considerations going forward.

International drug testing The ins and outs of competition drug testing at international equine events.

A Horse Rescue Unit in action A fascinating insight into the work of the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Horse Rescue Unit.

Making tax simpler A new review into business tax by a government body is hoping to reveal how the tax regime is really working.

Investing in diagnostic technology How investing in new technology can help veterinary practices keep pets healthy and pet owners happy.

Feline disease The second of this two-part series explains how to treat ureteral obstruction – an under-recognised condition in cats.

Animal welfare The importance of behavioural medicine to animal welfare.

... and much, much more ...

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