Animal welfare
Does Brexit present an opportunity to rationalise welfare legislation?

Antibacterials in canine gastrointestinal disease
How to treat canine gastrointestinal disease responsibly based on the nature of the condition.

David Grant discusses the treatment options for canine recurrent superficial pyoderma and Jayne Clark explains the use of antimicrobial peptides.

Animal behaviour
A look at the diagnosis and treatment of acral lick dermatitis in a Dobermann.

Feline disease
Sheila Wills explains how to diagnose ureteral obstruction and Natalie Borrill discusses feline hypertension.

Bovine TB and the “whoomph” effect
If bovine TB testing was reduced today, would the incidence of the disease suddenly increase?

Equine welfare on a global scale
A look at the welfare issues facing horses worldwide and the importance of continuing education in tackling them.

The diagnostic minefields of PPID and EMS
How to choose the best diagnostic tests for equine pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction and equine metabolic syndrome.

How to motivate practice staff
Having highly motivated staff will lead to a better work environment, improved staff retention and a more efficient workplace.

Funding options for growth
How to decide between the funding options available to help grow a practice.

An outline of the legal requirements for calculating holiday pay in line with overtime.

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