Recognising chronic pain
Clinical metrology instruments can be useful for measuring chronic pain, which can be difficult to assess.

RCVS Knowledge
Based on the evidence, should you recommend the use of pressure vests to owners of dogs with anxiety and fear?

Three key conversation topics that will impact the value of consultations and improve quality of life for the cat

Clinical signs of cheyletiellosis can vary but once diagnosed, there are numerous products that can be used for treating the condition.

Official Vet
In this new column, Adolfo Sansolini asks: what changes have been made to advance animal welfare through trade?

The latest on lameness
A summary of discussions at the Cattle Lameness Academy Seminar held on 28 March.

Encouraging use of pain relief in cattle
Veterinary surgeons are in an ideal position to help farmers better recognise signs of pain in cattle.

Be happy at work
Making time for activities you enjoy is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

An update on Lyme disease
An overview of the aetiology, possible clinical signs and treatment options for the disease.

Succeeding with succession
The importance of planning a succession or exit plan to secure the future of a practice.

The changing world of finance
Aileen Boyle, managing director of Braemar Finance, talks about the role of finance in the profession.

Five important questions to ask yourself that will help organise the process of selling your practice.

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