David Grant offers insight into the management of canine scabies and Jayne Clark asks if glycotechnology should be utilised in topical formations.

A comprehensive guide to diagnosing and managing incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle – a condition commonly seen in dogs, particularly Spaniels.

Katy Smith provides a guide to hepatic encephalopathy and Craig Taylor, MD of Natures Menu, tells us about the company’s journey.

Veterinary forensics Forensic work is a growing area of interest in the profession and requires a different set of skills from routine diagnosis and treatment.

Opinion “Women remain under-represented in leadership positions”

RCVS Knowledge Use of intrauterine antibiotics in mares with endometritis should be approached cautiously, says a new Knowledge Summary.

Animal welfare
It is hoped that a new system of stunning will be accepted for use in halal slaughter.

Transition management for dairy herds
A look at the impacts of block calving and the importance of vet-farmer communication

Is “natural cover” ethical?
Modern horse breeding systems frequently reduce the ability for horses to express normal behaviours, but which system has the greatest welfare benefits?

Managing vasculopathies
How to identify and treat some of the most common aetiologies of vasculitis.

A director’s duties
What are the responsibilities of a director, and what are the consequences if these duties are not met?

When “being nice” is not enough
The Veterinary Defence Society gives us its monthly insight into continual training and career progression.

An update on recent investment volatility and why it is not the same as risk for long-term investors.

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