Mental health
What are the three types of empathy and how can they be used to help those in practice thrive?

Bone regrowth success in orthopaedics
Bone regrowth technology is now being used in the repair of nonunion long-bone fractures in dogs.

Every month, we ask an expert to take us stepby-step through difficult procedures. The series opens with an explanation of how to perform an ophthalmic exam.

London Vet Show preview
The biggest event in the UK veterinary calendar kicks off on 17th November – which are the unmissable talks and events?

Are we underestimating tick-borne diseases in cats?
The potential consequences of ticks and tick-borne diseases in cats are often overlooked; what is best practice for tick prevention and removal?

OVs and international trade
What is the role of OVs in international trade and how might this change post-Brexit?

How to perform an equine oral exam
In the dentistry stream at the BEVA Congress, Neil Townsend walked delegates through the steps involved in performing a routine oral examination.

Dealing with atypical myopathy
What causes the seasonal pasture myopathy and how should cases be managed

Using self-employed vets
What could the gig economy mean for veterinary practices?

Brexit and EU nationals
“Some of my staff are EU nationals. What should I consider in light of Brexit?”

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