Feline hyperthyroidism – key points
ANDREW BODEY of the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre looks at the management of the condition

DAVID GRANT continues his series looking at dermatological conditions

The veterinary nurse in dermatology
SUE PATERSON looks at the range of procedures nurses can carry out in the field of dermatological diagnostic tests, as well as other areas where they are currently under-used

Brachycephalic dog breeds and associated health problems: an emotive issue
RACHEL HATTERSLEY looks at the current situation regarding these increasingly popular breeds and the health issues they commonly face

How can upper gastrointestinal endoscopy help me make a diagnosis in dogs and cats? Part 2
JAMES W. SIMPSON presents the second part of his series on endoscopy, this time looking at conditions of the upper gastrointestinal tract and how to deal with them

Graduate support – an alternative approach
CHRIS WHIPP proposes a new method, in the absence of an offthe-shelf solution, for assimilating new graduates into practice effectively

RICHARD GARD examines the current nature of the relationship between the two professions, how it has changed, and looks to possible solutions in closing the gap between veterinary advice and on-farm practicalities

ADAM BERNSTEIN looks at the various ways elected officials can help veterinary practices and individuals and details the correct ways to approach them

... and much, much more ...

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